Vision and mission with goals


To lead the national and regional leadership in the E-learning and distance learning


To help spreading the culture of effective elearning usage and affording up to date effective elearning which can help improvement of the educational out put for the development of the society.


• To adapt Jouf University into a perfect model for combining elearning along with the traditional learning in the high education institutes regionally and nationally.
• Attainment the best model for e-learning implementation that makes Jouf University the ultimate model for this kind of education regionally and nationally.
• Support innovation in the e-learning and distance learning.
• Utilize the e-learning and distance learning in the society development and lifelong learning intiations.


E-learning deanship always emphasize the following values:

  • Quality and excellence.
  • Development and creativity.
  • Effective leadership.
  • Institutional works.
  • Community partnership.
  • Team work.
  • Justice and fairness.
  • Transparency.