Dean's Message

Dr Salim M. Alanazy - Dean of E-learning & Distance Education

All grace is to Allah who bestowed on us the mercy of Islam and peace and blesses be upon our Prophet Mohammed and on his Family

All the witnessed progress of the higher education institutions all around the kingdom is coming from the infinite support from our beloved wisdom leadership under the sincere supervision of his majesty King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and his crown prince and the continuous follow up from the minister of education, which made our university in a hardcore race with the time progress in order to reach its target place between the distinguished elite universities all around the world as a part of 2030 vision

Through this consciousness Jouf university has realized that no progress would take place without having a leading role for the eLearning in the university march, there was a great focus on this deanship on a higher level of ambition, such ambition made the future seems to go directly towards a fine distinguished with a vision aims at leading the national and regional leadership in the E-learning and distance learning, and that's what the deanship had worked hard since the first day to achieve this mission and accomplish the required role in spreading the culture of effective eLearning to introduce up to date educational elements that help to achieve the university goals of producing educational outcomes according to the quality measurements.

During the first year of applying eLearning systems in 1436/1437 Jouf University has accomplished a national achievement by reaching 95% of eLearning system adaptation by the university instructors, which have never been seen all around the national universities.
Also, the deanship has deployed its own plan to get the eLearning strongly engaged in the university educational process, as we have successfully developed (69) online and blended learning courses, and we will continue on our plan to reach the target level of the educational process and output quality.

ELearning deanship serves both in campus and distance learning students, and we are doing all our sincere efforts for the services of both students and instructors to help to create a modern academic atmosphere that suits the current goals and plans and the nature of modern learners.

We are working with full awareness of the importance of eLearning and its role in the modern educational process, it isn’t a luxury option anymore, and it’s a mandatory requirement for all devoted and developing university.

And finally we present all thanks and gratitude to Allah for all the blessings given to this great country and for such a wise leadership who care for a real human development and investing for human luxury and sincere thanks for Prof. Ismail Albishry “university rector” for all this efforts and interest in eLearning development and affording all efforts to make our way easier

All praise to Allah and to him we ask all success.