Deanship of e-learning and distance learning held set of training session about e-learning strategies

Under the supervision of Dr Salim alalnzy Dean of e-learning and distance learning the steamship had organized a set of training sessions about the strategies of online teaching

The sessions targeted instructors from different faculties who are responsible for teaching online courses , the training emphasised at the new strategies of teaching online based upon the up to date e-learning researches.

This kind of training sessions comes as a part of the continuous effort by the deanship to raise the practice level of the university instructors related to the e teaching

During the training sessions the trainers has presented new strategies instructors can use for teaching online courses effectively. It focused on the principles of encouraging students participation and enriching discussions By the end of the sessions a discussion work shop was held between the participants about their own experience with teaching online courses in Jouf university around the past semesters.

It's important to mention that jouf university has more than 18 online courses varies between Arabic , Islamic's . Law and specific law and education courses